The Players’ Podcast by Kyle Hines #3 – Josh Childress

Mar 1, 2021 | Home News, Media, News, Podcast

In the latest episode of The Players’ podcast, Josh Childress sat down with Kyle Hines and spoke about his career and the things he is currently involved in, such as real-estate investing, which is a popular option for athletes.

Childress explained what the process was for him to switch from a successful NBA career to play for one of the biggest European clubs – Olympiacos Piraeus. He and Kyle Hines spoke about how the NBA career is not the only high-level basketball that players should be chasing. Childress said that after coming to Europe, the biggest adjustment for him was the tactical part of the game: “We had an amazing team. Sometimes I felt that we over-strategized on the court. But that is how the game in EuroLeague is played and I had to make the adjustment to always follow the game plan in order to be successful.”

The talk about the rivalry of the two best Greek clubs could not be avoided. Childress has many stories about this phenomenon, but he focused on the incident when the protection net in the arena caught on fire because of fans pyrotechnics. This is when he started to understand that the rivalry means more than basketball. “One thing I will never forget is when people in the club told me that whatever lands on the court during the game – do not touch it! You did not want to be a person that has his fingers blown off.”

“Still, playing in EuroLeague and in the Final Four was one of the best experiences, especially the big put-back dunk in the semis,” he said.

Having played in different countries, Childress also spoke about his involvement in the Australian NBL, which he considers a league with a lot of potential and opportunities for growth. But, the most time he currently devotes to is real-estate investing.

This was a topic that was talked in detail during this episode and it shows a successful example of a player that prepared well for the life after basketball.“As a businessman you need to figure out what you want from a deal and how to best approach it. It is fundamental to find the people you can trust and can help you on the way to becoming successful. Athletes need to be careful not to be taken advantage off,” said Childress.

Josh Childress

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