The EFA will regulate the relationship between the EuroLeague clubs and the EuroLeague players. It entered into force on July 23, 2021 and will last for three EuroLeague seasons, should no new agreement be reached prior to its expiry.

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In accordance with the EFA, each player and the club by which he is employed will sign a Standard Player Contract (SPC) in order for the player to be able to be registered in EuroLeague.

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The FAQ below, intended for EuroLeague players, serves as a brief description of various topics within the EFA and SPC. For complete and detailed description please refer to the original documents.

And Salary

What types of contracts exist?

Full-season contract (including contracts signed during the season until the end of the season), Multiple-season contract, 30-day contract, Youth/Linked team contract and a Training agreement.

What is a youth/linked team contract?

When a player of the Youth/Linked team aged 23 or less practices or participates within the structure of the professional team, the relationship will be ruled by a corresponding agreement between the parties, to cover the working conditions for professional contracts.

If a player with a Youth/linked team contract has been on the Game List in at least 25 EuroLeague games (accumulated throughout different seasons of his Youth/linked team contract), he must be offered a professional contract and his season remuneration will be requalified to at least a prorate of the minimum remuneration established as for a Season 1 professional contract from the moment he reaches such threshold.

What is the minimum salary?

The minimum gross remuneration for a player with a full-season professional contract is set on a scaled basis considering a player’s number of seasons in the EuroLeague on a professional contract. Seasons played by the player before the adoption of the EFA are taken into consideration.

Seasons in EuroLeague and minimum remuneration/season:

  • Season 1: €60,000
  • Season 2: €80,000
  • Season 3: €100,000
  • Season 4: €120,000
  • Season 5+: €140,000
Can I negotiate with other clubs while I am under a contract?

Neither a player nor his agent may negotiate contracts with another club while a player is under contract with a EuroLeague club, without the previous authorization of the EuroLeague club with whom the player is under contract. Clubs are also prohibited from negotiating with a player who is under contract (or his agent) with another club, unless it receives prior authorization from the club with whom he is under contract. These rules do not apply starting from the last 60 days before the expiry of the contract.

What is the maximum length of a Multi-season contract?

The maximum length is 5 seasons.

What is a training agreement?

Training agreement is intended for players who are enrolled in the pre-season and/or training activities of the club without being registered to participate in the EuroLeague. As a minimum it includes at least insurance for the player.

What is the maximum bonus %?

The amount corresponding to variable bonuses related to player/team performance may not exceed a maximum of 20% of the base remuneration.

Who will pay the agents fee?

In accordance with the EFA, any agent fee related specifically to the provision of services towards a player will have to be paid by the player. However, this provision will not apply for existing club-player contracts in place prior to the entry into force of the present EFA which may provide for different payment terms.

What is a 30-day contract?

Players can sign a short-term contract, which can only be for a term of 30-days. A 30-day professional contract may be renewable for a maximum of one additional term of 30 days at any time before the expiration of the contract. Should a club wish to renew another (second) extension, it has to be converted into a full-season contract.

What salary information will the SPC entail?

The SPC will detail the gross remuneration of the player, which is understood as the aggregate amount of wages received by a player on a regular basis, usually monthly, including any tax payments, and/or social security contributions made by the club originating from the net remuneration (“base remuneration”). The total gross remuneration will include all fees for services provided by the player to the club, including payment for the player granting the use of his image rights, bonuses, fringe benefits or other payments in kind made to the player.
The club will provide the player with the estimated net amount based on the applicable tax and social security regulations at the time of signing the SPC.

Will I receive monthly payment confirmations?

Yes, the club will provide the player with a detailed monthly record of payments in accordance with the terms of the contract, which includes gross and net payment, taxes and social security contributions, if any.

Overdue Payments, Disciplinary Proceeding and Force Majeure

What happens if my salary is overdue?

In case of overdue payables, the Management Control Commission (MCC) will initiate monitoring proceedings against a club either at the request of a player (in case player’s remuneration has been overdue for more than 15 days), or automatically, if the club’s quarterly remuneration payment confirmations sent to the MCC (on 15 October, 15 January, 15 April, and 15 July) reveal that player’s remuneration has been overdue for more than 15 days, or if a club fails to report its quarterly remuneration payment confirmations at the abovementioned dates.
The MCC will initiate a period of up to 30 days, depending on the time elapsed since the remuneration became overdue, to monitor the claim for overdue payables. Cases in which club’s quarterly remuneration payment confirmations show that a remuneration payment has been overdue for at least 45 days or cases in which remuneration payments become overdue for 45 days during the MCC monitoring will be referred to the Finance Panel with undue delay. Upon the case being referred to the Finance Panel, an immediate automatic temporary ban on the registering of players will be imposed on the club.
ELPA has the right to represent and/or make any petitions on behalf of any player upon presentation of a corresponding player’s authorization.

What happens if Euroleague opens a disciplinary proceeding against me?

ELPA will be informed on the opening of Euroleague’s disciplinary proceeding against any player and will have the right to represent the player upon his authorization before the different hearing bodies on his behalf.

Can I stop practicing and playing games in case my salary is overdue? When am I able to terminate my contract in case of overdue payables?

If a player’s salary has been overdue for more than 45 days, a player can cease its activities for the club. In case a player’s salary has been overdue for more than 60 days, a player may unilaterally terminate his player contract.

What happens in case of force majeure situations?

In case of an alteration or cancellation of the EuroLeague season (not merely the postponement of games), or the complete or partial exclusion of spectators from official games of the club as a direct consequence of force majeure, the club will be entitled to adjust the total gross remuneration, but only under strict rules, provided in detail under Clause 9 of the EFA.

Does each club have the same internal team rules?

No, each club may maintain or establish its own internal team rules provided, however, that the team rules are in writing, are reasonable, and do not violate the provisions of the EFA or SPC. The club may impose disciplinary sanctions on the player, such as warning, fine, penalty or suspension. However, team rules cannot consist of the following subjects and therefore no club can sanction a player for situations:

  • Poor performance in game or practice.
  • Losing a game or games.
  • Not attending club activities on a day off.
  • Not participating in any unofficial practice and/or activity.
  • Leaving for a second medical opinion in accordance with “Second Medical Opinion” provisions in the EFA.

Practice Rules and Limitations

When will training camps start?

Training camp may begin up to a maximum forty (40) days prior to EuroLeague Regular Season Round 1 or up to a maximum of thirty-two (32) days prior to the club’s Domestic League Regular Season Round 1 – whichever the earliest.
Players are not required to arrive to club’s city more than 48 hours prior to the first club activity to conduct medical testing, arrange necessary paperwork, search for house/apartment, etc, unless the player must respect a longer mandatory quarantine period due to existing Covid-19-related restrictions upon arrival in the club’s country.

Any other club activity in July or August is voluntary for players to join. Under no circumstance can a club pressure or coerce a player into any individual/team activity or practice prior to the start of training camp.

Will I receive a weekly schedule plan?

Yes, clubs will provide players with a weekly schedule plan (which includes practices, games and travel times, appearances, etc.) in writing at least 2 days in advance.

What are the practice rules during the preseason?

On single practice days, practice session may last no longer than 3 hours, including the time spent in weight room, stretching, and participating in aerobic warm-ups and cool-downs. On double practice days, practice sessions may last for an aggregate of 5 hours.
There cannot be more than five consecutive practice sessions (never three consecutive days with two practices). All basketball practice sessions during preseason can be contact practices (with ankles taped).

What are the practice rules during the competition season?

There can only be one practice per day (with ankles taped). The only exception is when the club has only one or no games per week. In that case, a second daily basketball practice can only take place once a week and it may only be a non-contact practice.
On practice days, practice sessions may last an aggregate of no longer than 3 hours, including the time spent in weight room, stretching, and participating in aerobic warm-ups and cool-downs.
After any game (except during official tournaments such as Cup, Super Cup, Playoffs, Final Four), the earliest time a practice or any other activity can begin is 12:00 noon the next day, except for travel or medical treatment.

Player Health and Wellness

What are the improvements in the area of player health and wellness?

Clubs will have to report information about each players’ rest due to injury and/or illness. Each player will have access to his own collected medical data.
At least one member of the club’s Medical and Performance Staff who regularly travels with the team will have a valid AED-CPR Certification issued by a valid institution and recognized by the country where the club is based.
Starting with the season 2021/22, a mandatory concussion protocol will be implemented, which will be mandatory for all participating clubs.

What are the travel improvements?

When traveling, clubs will book priority check-in, security fast lane, and priority boarding. Upon availability on commercial flights, exit row seats will be booked for 12 players.
Players will not be obliged to carry any additional team luggage (e.g., practice gear, team jerseys, medical equipment etc.) for home or away games.
After away games, team dinner will not be obligatory, and players will be released to leisure time, as long as team travel schedules are respected.
Hotels must be rated at least four-star on all trips or when the club organizes a ‘camp’ in home city prior to any games. Single hotel rooms are available for players during all trips, including preseason and if the club organizes a ‘camp’ in home city prior to any games.
Hotels will have an appropriate fitness center with machines for weight-lifting and cardio exercises suitable for players’ individual training. Hotels must have extra-long beds available on clubs’/players’ request.

Am I entitled to receive health insurance?

Yes, clubs will provide and cover adequate superior health insurance and basic dental care for the player for the duration of player’s contract. A player will also be offered the option to cover his immediate family members (partner and children) under the insurance at his cost.

Can I ask for a second medical opinion, if needed?

Yes, players have the right to ask for a neutral second medical opinion regarding the treatment of injuries of players and all the related health conditions/concerns that will be coordinated through the Euroleague Basketball Medical Officer. ELPA members will have their cost connected to second medical opinion covered in full (medical consultation fee, travel expenses, etc.).

Image Rights

How are players’ image rights regulated?

In accordance with EFA aplayer will grant the club during their contractual relationship his image rights with regard to all the activities of the club. Players’ trademarks (e.g., registered personal logo) are excluded.
Furthermore, players remain the holders of image rights that are not related to the activity of their club (“Personal Image Rights”), although the players may not exercise them by entering into agreements with partners competing with the five designated partners of each club or EuroLeague, nor use the club nor EuroLeague brands/logos when exploiting their Personal Image Rights, unless otherwise agreed with the club and/or EuroLeague. In the event that the player already has an existing agreement with a sponsor of such category, the partnerships may coexist on a non-exclusive basis.
The technical apparel category is excluded; therefore, players are free to associate their personal image rights with any technical apparel company.
For more information on players’ image rights please refer to Clause 10 of the EFA.

Am I allowed to wear the basketball shoes of my choosing during practices and games?

It is player’s choice as to what brand of basketball shoes he wears in games and practices, unless the club has an existing technical provider agreement that includes shoes at the time of entry into force of the present EFA. In such case, the player is obliged to wear the basketball shoes provided by the club. The exception will not apply, if the player has an existing personal endorsement deal in the technical apparel category concerning basketball shoes, or has another justified reason (e.g. medical or performance-related) not to wear the shoes provided by the club.

Is it required of me to participate in promotional and commercial appearances?

Yes, players will be required to actively promote EuroLeague and club partners, attending at no cost a maximum of 10 commercial appearances per season (equally shared between EuroLeague and clubs). If a player makes any additional commercial appearances in the same season, he will be remunerated per every appearance above 10 in the amount of €1,000 for every appearance of less than one hour, or €2,000 for every appearance of more than one hour.

Am I obliged to wear wearable devices during practices and games?

The use of wearable technology provided by clubs in practices will be subject to the voluntary acceptance by each player, who has the right to refuse its usage at any time. The use of wearable devices during games will be solely authorized by EuroLeague, which will ensure that any potential interference with the player’s performance caused by devices used is minimized. ELPA will be consulted previously regarding the use of any wearable devices.

Do I have to use my digital/social media to promote EuroLeague and club’s partners?

Only upon each player’s individual approval, the commercial appearances may include activation in the player’s digital/social media channels by creating content around it or sharing content provided by EuroLeague or the club.

It will be expected that players’ public and private digital channels will feature EuroLeague and clubs’ brand in a respectful way when representing their professional activity with the club/EuroLeague.

Will I receive complimentary game tickets?

During the regular season and the playoffs, players will receive a minimum of two complimentary tickets for every home game, and one complimentary ticket for every away game. Players will have an option to purchase additional tickets for every home game and away game (when available).

Days Off

Are players entitled to days off during the preseason?

Yes, players will have one day off per week during preseason. If the EuroLeague Media Day is conducted on a practice day, a second practice session is not permitted. Media/promotional/commercial activities are permitted on the days off during the preseason.

Am I entitled to a leave in the unfortunate event of a death of a family member?

Yes, players are entitled to a minimum of three calendar days off (including games), not including travel days in case of a death of an immediate family member (i.e. partner, spouse, parents, grandparents, children, or siblings,).

How many days off do I have during the competition season?

Players have four days off per month, with only physiotherapy, medical treatments or travel permitted on those days.

Do I get any days off after national team competitions?

Yes, after any major national team competition (i.e.: World Cup, Continental Championships, Olympic Games, excluding qualification phases or tournaments), players are entitled to a minimum of two calendar days off, not counting travel days, before joining the club.

Am I entitled to birth leave?

Yes, players are entitled to a minimum of three calendar days off (including games), not including travel days, for birth leave, which must be close to the child’s date of birth (15 days preceding or following the birth). Player should notify the club about his intent to use birth leave at least 14 days in advance.

Other Activities

Am I allowed to play organized basketball outside of the EuroLeague and domestic league?

Players must obtain permission from their club to participate in any other organized basketball activity, anywhere in the world. This does not apply to a player’s off-season participation with 5v5 national teams.

Can I engage in high-risk activity during my spare-time?

Players are prohibited from engaging from any high-risk activity without prior consent from the club in accordance with the SPC.


Besides negotiating players rights and working conditions, what benefits does ELPA offer?

ELPA offers various educational programs for players, validated 2nd medical opinion procedure, overdue payments recovery procedure, disciplinary proceeding legal assistance, contractual legal advice and basic personal income tax advice. In addition, ELPA will provide you with EuroLeague TV Pass and access to its partners services, such as Instat Scout, HRV4Training, and more.

    How can I become an ELPA member?

    Players who wish to become ELPA members have to fill out and sign ELPA Membership form, provided to each player upon signing the SPC. In addition, players have to pay the Membership fee, which is outlined in the ELPA Membership Form attached to the SPC.

      Which educational programs does ELPA organize?
      • ELPA will conduct two in-season Educational Sessions for players, either online or in-person, focusing on topics such as second career, financial literacy, mental health, technology, real-estate, and more.
      • All first-year players are obliged to attend pre-season ELPA/EuroLeague Newcomer Program (online), which focuses on players’ transition to EuroLeague.
      • In collaboration with ISDE University, ELPA offers access to online Master’s degree programs.
      • In collaboration with National Basketball Players’ Association (NBPA), ELPA offers access to their summer educational programs.
      • ELPA will conduct annual ELPA Team Meetings with each EuroLeague team, either online or in-person, focusing on current situation and any possible issues around the league.
      How much is the ELPA membership or service fee?
      • Youth/linked team contract – free of charge
      • Full-season professional contract (including contracts signed for the rest of the season), depending on the Player’s total gross remuneration per season:
          1. up to 100,000 EUR – 1,000 EUR
          2. from 100,001 to 300,000 EUR – 2,000 EUR
          3. above 300,001 EUR – 3,000 EUR
      • 30-day professional contract: 250 EUR (if the player subsequently signs a full-season professional contract during the same season, the paid amount will be deducted from the fee for the full-season contract).

      If a player also pays a membership fee to a national players association in the country where the club is domiciled, such fee will be deducted from the annual ELPA membership fee. Same rules and options apply for the Service fee.

      Am I obliged to become an ELPA member?

      No. The working conditions negotiated in the EFA as well as the benefits and protections warranted by ELPA to its members will be granted to all players participating in EuroLeague indiscriminately, i.e. irrespective of whether a player is an ELPA member or not. In return, all players will have to pay either an ELPA membership fee or a service fee (in case player is not ELPA member).

      Statutory rights under the ELPA Statutes are reserved only for ELPA members, e.g. becoming a team representative, voting in the General Assembly or being eligible to be elected to an office within ELPA. In addition, the access to ELPA educational programs and seminars, including the services of ELPA partners are also reserved for ELPA members only.

      How do I pay ELPA membership or service fee?

      Players can authorize the club to deduct the ELPA membership fee or service from their remuneration by signing the “ELPA Membership Fee/Service Fee Payment Authorization Form” (provided together with the SPC). The club will forward the deducted amount to ELPA no later than 30 days after player’s registration as a player of the EuroLeague.

      In case the club is not legally allowed to deduct the membership or service fee from the player’s remuneration, or an authorization by the player has not been provided, the player must pay to ELPA the membership or service fee himself no later than 30 days after his registration with the EuroLeague.

      If a player also pays a membership fee or service fee to a national players association in the country where the club is domiciled, such fee will be deducted from the ELPA membership fee or service fee.