ELPA Podcast – Episode 5 : Nikola Vujcic “Once a player, now a GM”

Nov 26, 2019 | Home News, News, Podcast

Welcome to the ELPA Podcast !

ELPA is association of players in EuroLeague, which aims to collectively represent players and enhance their careers. We will be bringing you conversations with current and former EuroLeague players and other personalities from the world of basketball. Our guests will talk about their journeys, on and off the court stories and look deeper into what it means to be a vital part of basketball industry.

In this new episode of ELPA Podcast, I have the pleasure to have European Legend Nikola Vujcic as my guest. We talked about his journey as a player and how he became Sport Director of Maccabi after his career. We also discussed the role of a Sport Director and how it helps him daily in his job to have been a player. And finally, Nikola Vujcic shared his thoughts about the players union and the evolution of Euroleague.


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