Off Court : Turkey Drive with Malcolm Delaney

Dec 8, 2021 | Home News, News, Off Court

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that brings together families and friends, usually celebrating the time together with a big meal on the table. This special time of the year also brings whole communities together for a common purpose: to celebrate generosity. Therefore there is even more to this holiday, as Thanksgiving is a moment to reflect and perhaps even give back, if a person has prospered during the year. One of those people who does not forget to give back to his community is EuroLeague player Malcolm Delaney.

Even though during basketball season Delaney lives thousands of kilometers from his hometown Baltimore, he is the main person behind the annual “Turkey Drive” event. “This is the second year of the Turkey Drive. I started it because I’m in a position to give back to the people in need and it is simply natural for me to help my community. I grew up in the neighborhood and I can relate to the people who live there, so it is easy for me to do the things I do.”

As a part of the “Turkey Drive” event, Delaney bought 350 turkeys – a Thanksgiving traditional food. His team in Baltimore passed them out to people in the neighborhood where he grew up. “Some people don’t have the access or can’t afford to buy food for the holidays and that’s the target group, but the event is open to whoever attends it”, said Delaney.

While playing overseas, Delaney is always thinking about his community and has built a team to help him give back. “I have a team that is loyal and ready to help. It includes my family and friends, who genuinely care and dedicate some of their time to assist those in need.”

Whether he is in Baltimore or somewhere else, Delaney’s love for his community is as strong as ever. “It’s very important for me because I have the ability to change lives. Whether it is only for a day or for a whole a lifetime, I use my resources to bring people joy, even when I am not there”, he added while he remains determined to keep giving back.


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