Interview with Kyle Hines about his new docuseries called “Euroleague Rooks”

May 6, 2019 | Home News, Media, News

Kyle Hines, player of CSKA Moscow and first Vice President of Euroleague Players Association talked about his new docuseries about the life of rookies in the Turkish Airlinies Euroleague. Kyle is known to put a lot of work into project like this one, as he already produces his podcast called “The Kyle Zone,” and delved into video production for the first time last year, when he created a docuseries about his life in Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Read more about his last production, which will air on his YouTube channel, on Monday, 6th of May.

Your first step in the video production was the last year’s docu-series about your basketball life in EuroLeague. What reaction did you get from the players and the League?

We received a positive reaction and feedback from many people, including the EL players and the League. In the beginning, I was nervous about receiving feedback because the docuseries is unique for Europe. Many players don’t really show their lives to much off the court other than social media. But I was happy that we only received support from players but also the League as well. It was one of the main reasons we decided to continue with the new project “Euroleague Rooks” because of the great feedback we received for “Just a Kid from Sicklerville.”

Now you decided to do a docuseries about EuroLeague rookies, which are not exposed a lot. What was your main reason to decide to do it?

We decided that we wanted to showcase EL rookies because we felt they have a unique perspective to show about their experience in Euroleague. We wanted to document their adjustments both on and off the court. There is a natural drama there, as they adjust to new lifestyles off the court and deal with rigorous schedule and high level of competition that comes with playing in the Euroleague.

What can we expect in the upcoming docuseries?

You can expect to see a different side of each player that we feature as we take you into a glimpse of their lives while playing their first season in Euroleague. Each player has a different background and different story, and I think it will allow the fans to see something outside of the regular content they are used too.

EuroLeague is supporting the production of the documentary, what do you feel about the support you got from the League?

The support has been incredible. Not only the League but also the individual teams as well. Without their support and access, I don’t think we would have been able to create the project. We are happy with their support and partnership and look forward to creating and working on future projects with Euroleague and the clubs.

Do you think the Euroleague should empower players with ideas like yours more?

I think they are, this “Creative Content Space” is sort of a new genre and is relatively new to the especially in the European markets. But I think over the past year, you have seen Euroleague allow players to be more creative and showcase a lot of their off-court interest. I believe Euroleague has given us the opportunity to show that we are more than just basketball players.

You also have a podcast called “The Kyle Zone,” is content production something you wish to focus on even more when the playing days are over?

Yes, the Podcast has a great project. It allowed me to try something new and step outside of my comfort zone. With each episode, I continue to enjoy it more and more, and I’m looking forward to expanding the platform in the future with more creative ideas. I really just love creating new things and sharing other people ideas and experience. I think there is something great about having the ability to share experiences and stories. Hopefully, I can continue to learn and create more things like the docuseries and the Podcast as well.


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