Igor Rakocevic talks to young players at the Adidas Next Generation Tournament

Jun 15, 2021 | Home News, Media, News

EuroLeague Players’ Association prepared the inaugural ELPA Professional Transition Seminar during Adidas Next Generation Tournament, dedicated to all participating U-18 players.

The aim of the seminar was to educate and provide young players with useful guidelines for their transition towards a professional career.

Amongst other tasks on the program, players also had the opportunity to listen and talk to the 3-time EuroLeague top-scorer Igor Rakocevic, who wrote a letter, initially intended to his younger self, which he openly shared with the players. The letter is a summary of his long and successful career, and includes valuable advices for any young athlete, stepping on the path of professionalism.

Rakocevic concluded the seminar with strong words of encouragement:

“You can dream big but make sure you back it up with hard work and dedication!”



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