ELPA proudly presents its Performance Advisory Board

Oct 19, 2020 | Home News, News

The newly established Performance Advisory Board (PAB) is a group of renowned experts from different fields linked to basketball performance, that will advise and support ELPA members on their path to reach their professional goals.

PAB will support ELPA on their mission to improve players’ professional life by sharing the newest practical, scientific and methodologic information about players’ lifestyle, training, recovery, rehabilitation, performance management, nutrition and any other aspect that can serve the main goal, which is maximizing the length and success of each professional career. In a proper and evidence-based communication, PAB will release information that can be used specifically for ELPA’s needs. However, through ELPA’s website and social media channels, certain information will also be available to any and all basketball organizations and their members.

Gigi Datome (ELPA President) : “Performance Advisory Board is being created at a perfect time, because probably now more than ever before, players need the correct and timely advice on how to handle many adversities that they face during their careers. We want to give the players the right tools to have the best career they can and this is a significant step in that direction.”

Francesco Cuzzolin (Head of ELPA PAB) : “We are excited about this project, since it is something we were aiming to do for a while. I am very satisfied with the group of colleagues we assembled. It will give us great joy to help these tremendous athletes and to push for innovation in various areas of professional basketball.”

ELPA Performance Advisory Board members are :

  • Francesco Cuzzolin (Italy), Strength & Conditioning
  • Julio Calleja-González (Spain), Scientific Research
  • Igor Jukic (Croatia), Performance Management
  • Baris Kocaoglu (Turkey), Sport Traumatology
  • Sergej M. Ostojic (Serbia), Sport and Clinical Nutrition
  • Jaime Sampaio (Portugal), Sports Data Science

ELPA PAB will also organize annual congress (either on site or via online streaming) to share their experiences, studies and researches, with the aim to build mutual beneficial relationships with EuroLeague clubs’ staff members and also with a wider basketball community.

Bostjan Nachbar (ELPA Managing Director) : “I am proud that we were able to assemble a group of people with such an extensive knowledge and experience. It is also important to note that we want to share the knowledge obtained from our PAB members with clubs and organizations, because we do believe this is the correct way to participate in improving European basketball as a whole.”

More information on ELPA Performance Advisory Board and their members can be found at elplayers.com/pab.


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