EFA (Euroleague Framework Agreement) Explained: Minimum Remuneration

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One of the historic achievements of ELPA in the first edition of the Euroleague Framework Agreement (EFA) 2021 was the introduction of a minimum salary for Euroleague players. The rules protect a smaller group of players, who are not the main players on their team and typically have a minor role, but are still vital to the team’s success.

The rules refer to the lowest allowable salary that any player can be paid for their services. This concept is crucial to a balanced Club-Player relationship, for it ensures fair compensation and financial stability, especially for non-star players and young athletes just entering the league.

Chapter II, Section 6 of the EFA guarantees minimum remuneration levels for all professional players, according to an increasing scale based on the number of seasons that the player has been in the EuroLeague.

Minimum Salary Scale

For the purposes of determining which salary tier applies, a player who was on a temporary contract during a prior season must have appeared on the Game List at least 10 times during that season in order for it to count.

This minimum remuneration scale provides an important lower limit for player salaries, and protects against exploitation.

Minimum Remuneration for Temporary Contracts

For players signed to temporary professional contracts, the minimum remuneration is prorated in relation to a full season. For example, if a first-year player signs a temporary professional contract for the second half of the season, the contract must pay him a minimum of €30.000.

This provision ensures that even those on short-term deals receive compensation that is fairly adjusted based on the duration of their contract.

Youth/Linked Team Contracts

Although youth/linked team contracts in general are not subject to the rules regarding minimum remuneration (because they are not signed using the SPC), the EFA requires clubs to offer professional contracts to promising young talents under certain circumstances. If a player on a youth/linked team contract appears on the Game List for at least 25 EuroLeague games (in a single season, or across multiple seasons), the club is then required to offer him a full professional contract. The player’s salary for that season is then re-calculated from that moment onward, in accordance with the prorated minimum remuneration for a first-season player.


The EFA’s minimum remuneration rules represent a significant step in protecting the financial security of EuroLeague players, in particular non-star players and young athletes. By instituting escalating minimum salaries tied to experience, the EFA ensures a robust baseline of compensation commensurate with the players’ value to their clubs and the league. This framework exemplifies the EFA’s commitment to upholding fair working conditions and building an environment where athletes can thrive both on and off the court. With the further development of Euroleague, ELPA will continue to push for an increase of the minimum salary in order to protect also those players who are not the main players, but still essential for a team’s roster.


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