The Player’s Podcast by Kyle Hines #2 – Jose Manuel Calderon

Feb 15, 2021 | Home News, Media, News, Podcast

In episode No. 2 of The Players’ Podcast Kyle Hines hosted former EuroLeague, NBA and Spanish national team player Jose Calderon.

The topic of the episode was player retirement and the issues surrounding the life changing moment of hanging up basketball sneakers and walking out of the arena for the last time.

Jose, who currently works as Special Assistant to the NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts, shared his views and experiences on the topic of retirement. His views will benefit many players, no matter the level of their competition. Calderon explains: “Players should play as long as they can, but at the same time be honest with themselves. At some point you need to understand which things matter to you the most and if playing basketball is not the priority anymore, it’s time to move on.”

NBPA has many different programs, which help players bridge the gap between playing professional basketball and second career. While still developing, ELPA is introducing similar programs, which aim at providing players opportunities for education and a view into life after basketball. “A lot of players have problems, because once they retire they have no plan. Vacation is nice, resting up is nice…but what happens then? It is important to have a plan and stay busy,” added Calderon.

During the conversation Hines and Calderon also touched on the success of the Spanish national team, which Calderon attributes to players’ unselfishness and understanding of their individual roles. When it comes to EuroLeague, Calderon admires players from older and younger generation. He is most happy for the success of Shane Larkin, who he meet during Larkin’s rookie year with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jose Calderon

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