EuroLeague Players’ Association introduces the ELPA Well-Being Program

Nov 2, 2020 | Home News, News

EuroLeague Players’ Association is introducing the ELPA Well-being Program, which focuses on their members’ emotional, psychological and social well-being. Professional athletes are dealing with high-pressure situations on a daily basis and the challenging 2020/21 season has brought even more obstacles and uncertainties in their every day lives. Anxiety, hopelessness, isolation, and pressure to perform during changes in training and competitions, are variables that many professional basketball players experience, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. These factors can affect players’ lives, and reduce their mental health and performance. 

““Although at times professional athletes might seem as superheroes, they are not immune to mental health challenges of the high-level competition, especially during these troubled times”, said ELPA Managing Director Bostjan Nachbar. “We are aware of these challenges and this is why we added another important health-related assistance, which we now offer to our members.”

Properly addressing mental health during current uncertain and demanding times could be more necessary and at the same time more beneficial than ever before.

ELPA Vice President Adam Hanga added: “When basketball players get physically injured, they get time to heal. But, there are also some injuries that are invisible. I am happy ELPA started this important program, which will address players’ mental health and benefit those who are seeking help in this area.”

ELPA Well-being Program, based on individual player sessions, will be headed by a former professional basketball player and renowned sports psychologist Mar Rovira, who is also the newest addition to the ELPA Performance Advisory Board. Rovira has extensive experience from working with top-level professional athletes in basketball, soccer, MotoGP, tennis and more. She will assess, guide and support ELPA members during this challenging period and beyond, by helping them maintain their psychological well-being and readiness to perform at the highest level.


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