ELPA Management visited NBPA and HEED Headquarters

Mar 15, 2019 | Home News, Media, News

The Euroleague Players Association (ELPA) visited the New York City in the past week with the main reason of strengthening its relationships with National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and HEED LLC.

Managing Director Bostjan Nachbar and Secretary General Anze Blazic had the opportunity of getting to know the representatives of nine different departments of the NBPA. They were welcomed by NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts and Chief of International Relations and Marketing Matteo Zuretti.

The section representatives of the NBPA gave ELPA management an inside look into the work they are doing, talked about the history of their respective sections and programmes and shared priceless advice, which will definitely help this unique European basketball association greatly with its future work.

ELPA exchanged experiences and shared the knowledge gained in its short history. The NBPA acknowledged the hard work of everybody involved and was impressed by what ELPA has accomplished in such a short amount of time. The NBPA will continue showing support and helping in any way possible.

Lastly, representatives of both organizations talked about joint projects, information exchange and raising awareness about the options that both associations give to the players, which will continue to expand.

Nachbar showed his appreciation through this statement: “We are very thankful to be invited to NBPA offices in New York, where we’ve had numerous meetings with various departments. We used our time to learn, compare roles of both associations and exchange ideas. I can confirm that we have agreed on even tighter cooperation, which is focused on offering ELPA members some very exciting opportunities in the near future. Simultaneously, both associations will assist players whenever they are transitioning from NBA to EuroLeague or vice versa.”

ELPA management used the opportunity to visit the HEED LLC headquarters also, meeting with the CEO Danna Rabin and other representatives of their respective sections and programmes.

They talked about good cooperation and made guidelines for the future including HEED’s commitment to the ongoing evolution of the technology and sensors in order to improve the comfort level of the players. HEED and ELPA are developing the mobile application together with EuroLeague Basketball, and are positive it is a great project which will only bring basketball closer to future generations of fans.

Nachbar added: “We had a very productive meeting with HEED management. We discussed their development, plans for our partnership and the technology that transfers highlights from EuroLeague games from arenas to fans through the HEED app. We are determined to keep working together and bring exciting content to basketball fans around the world, while offering EuroLeague players a platform for even better recognition and fan engagement.”

The HEED Live app unlocks the physical, behavioral and emotional elements of live sporting events, through and exclusive combination of AI and data analytics. The platform identifies the moments that matter in sports. Those are illuminated through exclusive insights. The fans can live and relive their favorite moments through unique digital experiences.

The HEED Live app is accessible on Android through the Google Play Store and on iOS devices in the App Store.


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