ELPA Players’ Board reappoints Bostjan Nachbar as Managing Director

Jun 27, 2022 | Home News, Media, News

Ex-NBA and Euroleague player Bostjan Nachbar, who has been leading ELPA since its founding in 2018 has been reappointed for a new four-year term as ELPA Managing Director. Nachbar has been instrumental in the founding and growth of the organization. He and ELPA staff keep a close relationship with players, especially with the members of the Players’ Board, who act as an advisory body to the management of ELPA. Together they have significantly improved working conditions for players since ELPA’s inauguration, culminating in the first-of-its-kind EuroLeague Framework Agreement (EFA) in 2021, which governs the relationship between players, the league and the clubs. Among many improvements, ELPA raised game  practice and travel conditions, introduced a tight overdue payables system that drastically reduced late payments, initiated a validated 2nd medical opinion protocol, offered contractual legal advice and set in motion educational programs for players. ELPA also successfully steered through the Covid crisis in 2020 and has been at the forefront in finding solutions for players affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine. Looking ahead, ELPA wants to continue solidifying its position as a main stakeholder in the Euroleague, playing its role in assuring that the competition can reach its full potential through cooperation and innovation.

ELPA Managing Director, Bostjan Nachbar: “I feel honored to have the players’ trust to continue leading their union. During our first years we were able to demonstrate the significance of the player’s voice – something that was neglected in the past – and the value that it brings to the competition. We will continue to improve players’ careers and will be ready to tackle any issues that we encounter on our way. At the same time, we affirm the importance of working together with the league, the clubs, the agents and other basketball stakeholders in and outside the EuroLeague, to secure a brighter basketball future for everyone.”

ELPA President, Tornike Shengelia: “ELPA has made a huge difference for the players over the last few seasons since its establishment. The connection between the players, the league and the clubs has been enhanced and as a result it raised the quality of the competition. From players’ perspective, the improvements that Nachbar and his staff achieved are visible both on and off the court and we are thrilled that he accepted to continue as Managing Director of ELPA. As an association we wish to remain the leader in achieving and securing players’ rights in European basketball and we are looking forward to participate in improving the league in all areas that directly affect players and their careers.”


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