ELPA expansion welcoming EuroCup players

Aug 4, 2022 | Home News, Media

The ELPA announced today that it aims to extend its services also to EuroCup players. ELPA has gone from strength to strength since its inauguration four years ago and has worked tirelessly to improve the working conditions of EuroLeague players. Besides pivotal changes and improvements for players over the years, the union achieved the conclusion of the first Euroleague Framework Agreement (EFA) and Standard Player Contract (SPC), which introduced a far-reaching minimum standard for player contracts across the entire Euroleague.

Due to ELPA’s successful record on solving numerous individual and collective player-related issues, there have been requests from players and agents that ELPA should expand its services also to players in the EuroCup. While ELPA’s focus in its inaugural years has been on EuroLeague players and the solid establishment of the association, the organization has matured enough to venture into EuroCup and to improve the working conditions of EuroCup players as well. Naturally, such improvements will take time, but the groundwork that has been done in the EuroLeague will help to implement lasting improvements also in the EuroCup.

Over the summer ELPA management has been preparing necessary procedural steps in order to offer its activities and services to EuroCup players already in the upcoming season 2022/23. The expansion has already been approved by the ELPA Players’ Board and will enter into force after the ELPA General Assembly in September.


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