ELPA and ISDE will provide Master’s degree opportunities for ELPA members

Mar 2, 2021 | Home News, Media, News

EuroLeague Players’ Association and academic institution ISDE have agreed on a collaboration, which will enable ELPA members to pursue their education through selected programs of this eminent university.

ELPA members will have the opportunity to start or continue their academic journey while still playing in the best European basketball competition. ISDE online educational programs, which are included in this collaboration, are especially designed to accommodate professional athletes’ busy schedules, allow them to study at their own pace and, upon successful completion, award them with a Master’s degree.

Juan José Sánchez Puig, ISDE CEO comments: ”For ISDE, it is very important to be able to collaborate with elite sports institutions such as Euroleague Players’ Association, which is committed to excellence in helping their members achieve their goals on and off the court. We are happy to provide EuroLeague players with quality and practical training programs, that allow them to successfully manage their business, networking and their professional future when they stop competing.”

Currently in basketball season, ELPA members will be able to join a widely popular Global Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills program, which focuses on legal, economic, organizational and business side of sports. This program is tailor-made for those who wish to pursue their (second) career in areas such as management of sports organizations, sports agencies, sports consulting, federations, leagues, clubs, associations, events organizations, training and education, or sports equipment industry.

Bostjan Nachbar, Managing Director, ELPA: “We are delighted to collaborate with a prominent academic institution like ISDE, which will give our members a unique opportunity to pursue academic degree while still playing professional basketball. At ELPA we are very persistent with our members about the need to start thinking about life after basketball and ISDE programs will provide a way for our top-level athletes to invest into their personal future. Upon successful completion they will be awarded with a Master’s degree, but most importantly, they will become well-equipped for whatever comes after their playing career.”

As a modern university, ISDE replicates work environments of leading law firms and companies and therefore offers its students access to the same tools that new internet technologies provide. Even though ISDE has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias and New York, ELPA members will be able to obtain the majority of their education through online tools and webinars.


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