EFA (EuroLeague Framework Agreement) Explained: Guaranteed Contracts

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One of the most important protections provided by the EuroLeague Framework Agreement (EFA) is the guaranteed contract. A guaranteed contract means that clubs may not reduce a player’s salary nor terminate his contract for performance or injury reasons. With a guaranteed contract, players can feel confident that they will always receive their full salary, as long as they abide by the terms of the agreement. This provides important financial security and peace of mind for players throughout the season, allowing them to focus their full attention on performing at an elite level.

Under the EFA, both full-season professional contracts and temporary professional contracts must be fully guaranteed. These contracts are signed using the Standard Player Contract (SPC).

Performance Protection (SPC Article 11.1)

Under the EFA, every professional contract is guaranteed for performance and skill. This means that clubs cannot reduce or terminate a contract simply because they feel that the player is underperforming expectations. Salary is guaranteed regardless of any on-court struggles.

Injury Protection (SPC Article 11.2)

Perhaps the most important function of a guaranteed contract is protection against injury or illness. Injury protection means that if a player gets injured or falls ill through no fault of his own, he is still entitled to receive his full salary as outlined in the contract (SPC Article 11.2). However, in case of an injury or illness, the player does have certain responsibilities. When injured, the player must immediately notify the club and provide relevant medical records. The player must also make himself available to the club physician as soon as possible, and cannot resume training or competition without clearance from the club.

Prohibited Off-Court Activities (SPC Article 10)

To help protect both the players and the clubs, the EFA and SPC contain a list of prohibited off-court activities. In signing the contract, each player agrees that they will not engage in any of these activities without the express consent of the club. Abiding by these rules protects the player’s safety, and assures the club that the player will not miss games as a result of participating in unnecessarily dangerous activity.

Prohibited activities are an important topic related to contract guarantees, because the injury protection in the SPC does not apply if a player gets hurt while participating in a prohibited activity (without prior consent of the club).

Prohibited off-court activities are generally high-risk pursuits that expose individuals to danger. These banned activities range from extreme sports (skydiving, mountain biking, bungee jumping, etc.) to use of motor vehicles (jet ski, aircraft, drag racing, etc.) and violent contact sports (boxing, rugby, hockey, etc.). Players are also prohibited from substance abuse, including alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication. The full list of prohibited activities is written in Article 10 of the SPC. If a player violates these rules and gets injured, the club is not obligated to pay the player’s full salary.


Requiring that all professional contracts be fully guaranteed is one of the most important accomplishments of the EFA. Fully guaranteed contracts represent a major step forward in providing financial security and stability for EuroLeague players. By limiting clubs’ ability to alter contracts based on performance or injury, players can feel more confident in their status and focus on basketball. However, players also have a responsibility to protect their own health and avoid participating in dangerous off-court activities. The open communication and partnership between ELPA and EuroLeague has led to guaranteed contracts becoming a strong pillar of player rights at the top level of European basketball.


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