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EuroLeague Players’ Association represents the players’ unified voice in regards to EuroLeague Basketball and assists their members in achieving their goals, on and off the court. ELPA’s specific intention is to defend and pursue the rights of professional basketball players in the EuroLeague. Through Collective Bargaining with Euroleague Basketball and the EuroLeague clubs, ELPA will seek to achieve a higher level of protection of players’ individual and collective rights and to improve the working conditions, economic benefits, and job security of all its members.


In collaboration with specialists in various sports fields, ELPA provides support for players’ physical and mental well-being. ELPA also engages in organisational, financial, educational, and marketing activities which advance the economic stability and security of its members. Furthermore, through charity and personal development programs, ELPA strives to connect its members with the wider community.

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Advisory Board

The mission of ELPA Performance Advisory Board is to help improve players’ professional lives by interpreting and sharing the newest practical, scientific and methodological information about training, recovery, rehabilitation, performance management, psychology, nutrition and any other aspect that can serve the main goal – maximising the length and success of each player’s professional career.

As an inclusive and independent group of specialists, ELPA Performance Advisory Board will openly share their experiences, studies and researches with the aim to build mutual beneficial relationships with EuroLeague clubs and a wider basketball community. The Performance Advisory Board’s newsletter is available here.

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